There are two important things everyone should be on top of in the winter time and which inure to one’s own benefit!

1. Have Shovel, Clear Walkways

It is easy to ignore everything but your own driveway and sidewalk after a heavy snowfall. I mean, who even wants to spend hours cleaning one’s own space, let alone other people’s? However, if your neighbor is out of town or incapacitated, think of the Golden Rule and help him out just as you would like to be helped out. On the other hand, call 311 to report lazy or cantankerous Boston neighbors – a $50 fine is assessed each day a violation exists! See your hydrant visible

2. Have Shovel, Clear Hydrant

You never know when an emergency might arise like a tree catching on fire, and so you will want to ensure that your nearby fire hydrant is clear from snow so that the fire responders won’t have to spend time clearing it before they can hook up to it and put the fire out!

Allow melting water to reach storm drain

3. A less urgent task

but still important nonetheless is keeping the street drains clear so as much runoff can be drained off the streets and sidewalks to cut back on icy patches from forming nearby.