Bring Peace into your HomeAre you planning on re-decorating your home to get it ready to sell? Or, are you looking for ways to improve life in your home? In the modern world, it's hard to find peace in our busy lives. Your home is your sanctuary and should be a place of relaxation. Here are some tips you might consider to prepare your home to appeal to those who follow Feng Shui principles, and perhaps enjoy the benefits Feng Shui is supposed to effect.

Briefly put, each area of your home is linked to a different part of your life, known as baguas, and your job is to balance each of those parts to create a harmonious whole.


For a balanced Chi (universal energy) in your home, it's important to declutter 'stuck energy'. This is hard for many people, but once you clear out items that you no longer need, you will find that your home's energy has been boosted because you are more organized and efficient. The North Bagua in your home is attached to your career, so this area is especially important to organize and declutter to maintain strength in the workplace.

Include Natural Elements

The East Bagua area of your home is related to your health and family. Implement water, wood and Earth Feng Shui elements into your décor. Paint a focal wall a warm brown color to represent the Earth, add a large mirror to reflect water and add plants and greenery to represent wood. These elements are supposed to help strengthen your health, well-being and your family's connection.

Implement Power Tones

The South Bagua should have fire and wood elements in the décor. Include a bright red pillow or paint a focal wall red. Then add brown and green elements to the room with plants, photos or art to maintain the wood element in the room and balance the Chi. The South Bagua represents your reputation and needs to balance both power and honesty, represented through fire and natural wood.

Add a Touch of Metal

A white or gray color scheme will help you balance the West Bagua in your home, which represents creativity. Rooms in the west area of your home should be simple and clean with metal elements in photographs, art and visual representations of what inspires you and sparks your creativity. This area of your home is meant for you to unleash your personality and expose the things that make you tick.

Feng Shui is meant to balance your home's energy and give you a sense of peace at home; and so, light candles that have comforting scents, dim your lights at night and truly get in touch with your inner peace. Leave work at work and make your home a place of relaxation by balancing your baguas in each area of your home. With these four ways to improve your home's energy with Feng Shui, you just might feel calmer and more productive in your home... whether you plan on selling or not!

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