Jim Kazakoff has worked with clients from all around the world who speak many different languages: Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Chinese, Persian, Hebrew, Vietnamese, and even some English. One of my recent transactions involved both Chinese buyers and a Chinese seller. Here is what the Seller has to share with other Chinese nationals looking to buy or sell in Massachusetts - and written in Simplified Chinese. See translation below.

Satisfied Client房地产中介Jim Kazakoff推荐信 各位买房及卖房朋友,我是哈佛大学的一个前医学研究方面的小科室主任,目前我再深圳做外科医生。我以我最诚致的心给您强烈推荐介绍一位大波士顿地区的极其优秀的房地产中介Jim Kazakoff. Jim以他两次在极其困难的情况下替我买房和卖房的神奇成功经历,折服了我。 2017年6月,是中国内地客在美国买房最后一波热潮,房源相对竞相买房的人群,真可以说短缺。对我这种中产阶级在波士顿贷款买房极不容易。而我一个月时间内要买到心怡的房子就更为不容易。找房,选房,竞价..., 成了每天极其艰难的历程。我们找了10多家房子,都有各种各样复杂的问题。然而,Jim以他丰富的房地产资识和经验,一一排查每一房源,作出一个个精准判断和建议,最后,找到我性价比极为合适的房子 :15 Homewood Rd, West Roxbury, MA02132. 也是在他的推荐下,很快找到一家合适的贷款银行,终于如期买下这栋房子。 接着,在四年的时间里,Jim一直在房子的维护,出租交税方面提供了宝贵经验。 我要着重谈的,是我2021年8月卖房经历。具体说我遇到两个极其麻烦美国人租客,4月份通知他/她们我要卖房,但租客不愿意6月按租约按时出门。一直拖到近8月份。是我重新请了Jim,他以教会上帝般仁慈,犀利的英文善言,感化说服了那两个极其霸道的租客,终于做了Open House,使卖房从无望到如愿以比较合适的价位,于最关键的卖房时期2021年8月31日卖出房子。可以说没有Jim力挽狂澜,这个事我真是遇难了。 在美国买卖房子,真是需要一个得力而且忠诚的房地产中介。不然,事事都有可能是陷阱。Jim是我们华人的最好朋友,他绝对是我向你第一推荐的优秀房地产中介人。谢谢!此致 敬礼!


Real estate agent Jim Kazakoff letter of recommendation.

Dear friends who buy and sell houses, I am a former director of a small medical research department at Harvard University. Currently, I am working as a surgeon in Shenzhen city.

With my most sincere heart, I highly recommend to you an excellent real estate agent Jim Kazakoff in the Greater Boston area.

Jim impressed me with his miraculous success of buying and selling a house for me twice under extremely difficult circumstances.

June 2017 was the last wave of the mainland Chinese who were buying houses in the United States, and there was a real shortage of houses relative to those competing to buy houses.

It's not easy for a middle class man like me to get a loan and  buy a house in Boston.

It is even more difficult for me to buy a pleasant house within a month.

Looking for a house, choosing a house, and bidding have become an extremely difficult process every day.

We found more than 10 houses, all with all kinds of complicated problems.

However, with his rich real estate knowledge and experience, Jim inspected every house one by one, made accurate judgments and suggestions, and finally found my house with a very suitable price-to-quality ratio: 15 Homewood Rd, West Roxbury, MA02132.

Also under his recommendation, I quickly found a suitable loan bank and finally bought the house as scheduled.


Then, for four years, Jim provided valuable advice and suggestions in the house maintenance, rental of the house, and tax implications. 

What I want to focus on is my experience of selling the house in August 2021.

Specifically, I had two extremely troublesome (American) tenants and informed them in April that I was going to sell the house, but the tenant was unwilling to vacate on time according to the lease ending in June.

It was nearly August when I rehired Jim, who persuaded the two extremely overbearing tenants with his kind and yet, direct English words, and finally achieved holding an Open House, making it possible to sell the house from a hopeless situation to a suitable price at the most critical timeframe of selling the house within 30 days - by August 31st, 2021.

It can be said that without Jim there was no turning the tide. I was really in big trouble for this matter.

It is my experience that buying and selling houses in the United States really needs a capable and loyal real estate agent. Otherwise, everything could be a quagmire.

Jim is the best friend of our Chinese, and he is definitely the first excellent real estate agent I strongly recommend to you.

Thank you!


Zhang Hengmin (Forrest Hengmin Zhang).


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