Marijuana, Landlords, & TenantsYes, it is legal to use marijuana products in Massachusetts; but that does not give you the right to smoke it wherever you want. Wherever smoking cigarettes is restricted, marijuana, too, is restricted. Therefore, if your landlord does not allow smoking on the premises, this includes weed as well. Please read your lease carefully before signing if smoking inside your apartment/home is important to you. Until landlords think about it, cultivating a certain amount of marijuana for personal use is permitted. However, once insurance companies notify their clients about raising insurance rates where growing marijuana indoors occurs – possibility of water damage, electrical fires, and mold being factored in – landlords might prohibit the growing of weed as well. Since the ballot on recreational use of marijuana only passed 54% to 46%, there are a lot of folks who don’t care for the presence of weed; therefore, homeowners should remove or relocate equipment during the listing period. It goes without saying, homeowners should not smoke either cigarettes or weed inside the house if they do not want to impact the value of their home when it comes time to sell it.